FAQs 2


  • The order-to-ship time is generally 3-5 business days.
  • Ship-to-delivery is generally 1-5 business days.
  • The result is coffee arriving to your customer right at the peak of flavor.



  • All sales are final unless an incorrect product was shipped to you.
  • Please contact us immediately if there is an error. An unopened bag needs to be verified and we will provide further instructions to replace your shipment with the correct item. If you are not satisfied with your coffee, contact hello@momsdailygrind.com and we will make it right.


Our coffee is almost always (we specify if it isn’t) specialty grade and always ethically traded.

  • Specialty coffee: coffee that has scored over 80 points on a 100 point scale by the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America). Specialty coffees are markedly different from regular coffees in the sense that they are grown at higher elevations, are traceable and processed carefully once harvested. Every step from growing to brewing is monitored and understood to improve the quality every day.

  • Ethically traded: we follow a strict set of rules that ensure products improve the living conditions of small farmers and are produced with sustainable practices.

    Grind distinctions:

    • French press – coarse
    • Drip – medium
    • Espresso – fine


    • Dark Roast: dark brown, chocolately color; may have an oily surface. The beans are roasted longer at higher temperatures than others roasts. This causes the beans to lose more moisture, become less dense, and have a bitter taste as the original flavor is lost but the beans take on more flavor from the roasting process. Dark roast also has the least amount of caffeine per scoop.
    • Medium: medium brown color compared to light roast, usually without oil on the beans' surface. More balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity between dark and light roasts with a balance between acidity and body.



    • Blends are coffees containing beans from multiple different origins. For example, our Calm Me Down is a 6 bean blend of beans from Africa, Central and South America that have been carefully combined to complement each other and create a unique natural flavor profile.



    • Flavored: coffee with 100% natural flavor oils added to the coffee beans during the roasting process to create a specific flavor (see our Just Because Hazelnut).
    • Organic: our coffee is certified to have been grown on soil that has had no prohibited substances (such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) applied for three years prior to harvest. 
    • Single Origin Coffee: coffee that is grown within a specific geographic origin. Single-origin coffees offer unique characteristics and specific flavor profiles when compared to blended multi-origin coffees. (see our Pick Me Up coffees)
    • Strictly Hard Bean (SBH): specific to Costa Rica and Guatemala, SBH usually means that the coffee has been grown 1,200 - 1,350 meters above sea level.

    Caffeine during Pregnancy:

    • “Most experts say that low caffeine levels (up to 200 milligrams or one 12-ounce cup) should be fine during pregnancy as long as women drink enough water and keep themselves well-hydrated.” [news-medical.net]