Who We Are

Todd, Maureen, Trevor, Christa, Torrey & Shelby


My own taste for coffee did not really take hold until I was an adult and married. Where we raised our family there are coffee shops on every corner: LITERALLY.

But my passion for coffee and coffee culture was born during our time living in Central America, learning a new language, meeting incredible people, exploring the beautiful landscape, investing in the lives of our local community through vocational ministry, and, of course, savoring the local coffees! Our family lived and served as missionaries in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. To visit a "café finca" (coffee ranch), observe the bean to cup process, and, oh, to catch the aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans was such a unique experience. Coffee became my “go-to.”

The conversation about starting a coffee business went on throughout the years, sometimes shared, sometimes internal. But the time and attention that this endeavor would require was not realistic until late 2019. By then our sons were married, both to beautiful ladies who also just happened to have a thing for coffee, and currently one of them is making her own way like a champ in her daily routine as a mom. The result? Mom’s Daily Grind.

We hope you come to our “coffee shop” to visit, often, and that you come to love not only the coffee but the little community that we foster here. Share a cup with us, and let us be an encouragement to you in your routine, your "daily grind".